We provide our clients with a wide spectrum of services such as Interior painting, Exterior painting and staining, Gutter and Roof Cleaning, Window Cleaning and Christmas lights installation. We will help you in record terms so you will have no worries! We offer a huge number of services and work is done by high-class experts with much experience.

Linka Home Services is here to meet your every demand so you could have no worries about your home!



When it comes to painting the interior or exterior of your home, leave it to the experts. Linka Home Services has a dependable, experienced and trustworthy team of painters to give your home a whole new look and feel.

Not only will your paint job be done efficiently, but we also guarantee it to be clean, professional and simple. What more could you want?



We provide pressure washing services for home owners and property managers. We have the resources and experience to beat jobs of any size and scale, wherever and whenever you need pressure wash services.

Linka Home Services is providing professional services for your exteriors such as houses, sidewalks and just about any structure or surface. Don’t let your house lose value and contact us today! 



Clean gutters are one of those maintenance things most homeowners don’t think about until there is a problem when in reality, you should have your gutters inspected and/or cleaned every 6 months. You may love to experience the four seasons each year in the Pacific Northwest, but your roof doesn’t.

If you think your roof or gutters need to be cleaned, or if you’re not sure, don't hesitate to call us for help!


We are professional installers with years of experience. For installations we use high quality lights specialized for decoration of this type.

To protect your gutters we provide plastic gutter clips which will not hurt your gutters or shingles. We provide free maintenance of your install. Once the Christmas Light Season is over we will take care of your lights.